We direct our services towards local government units and entrepreneurs who need support in the preparation of feasibility studies, administrative arrangements, design and implementation of projects as part of the energy transition. We carry out projects in a comprehensive manner or in a selected scope, depending on your needs.


Why us?

We implement projects in a comprehensive manner. We participate at every stage of the investment.

Our team is not only a group of specialists in their fields, but also interdisciplinary support for you and all project stakeholders.

We treat each project individually. All activities are preceded by the preparation of a dedicated strategy.

The scope of our services:

  • We carry out the necessary administrative procedures;
  • We map the areas for RES projects along with all the necessary accompanying infrastructure using the proprierary method;
  • We select areas for investment projects as part of economic activation, industry, logistics, warehousing;
  • We identify landowners and secure land for investments with lease or purchase agreements;
  • We develop strategies for transformation and energy efficiency;
  • We are part of interdisciplinary teams developing circular economy strategies and changes to spatial development plans;
  • We develop project information sheets, environmental impact reports, applications for a decision on environmental conditions, decisions on development conditions, technical conditions and connection agreements;
  • We prepare the necessary analyses and research: geotechnics, maps for design purposes, general construction projects, detailed designs;
  • We prepare construction processes, organize tenders for contractors, suppliers, manage the investment as a substitute investor;
  • We support in obtaining investment funding.

We implement projects supporting building energy independence and combating climate change.






Local Government Units

By investing in renewable energy sources, you build the image of a manager in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible way towards residents and local business.

We will prepare a strategy for your local government that will take into account individual opportunities and determine the direction of action as part of the development of energy transformation and economic activation.

Benefits for local government:

  • Energy security
  • Additional income from taxes
  • Development and strengthening of the local economy
  • Creating new employment opportunities


Protect your business from energy destabilization and rising energy prices. By investing in eco-energy solutions, you will achieve independence, but also an additional source of income. Photovoltaic, wind, energy storage, electromobility – these are the tools that will strengthen your competitiveness on the market.

Benefits for business:

  • To gain energy independence
  • Reducing the costs of running a business / production
  • Become independent from rising energy prices
  • The image of a company managing in the spirit of CSR

Land owners

If you own or manage land, you can regularly earn money from it by investing in the construction of a photovoltaic and wind farm. We will perform free analyses of your areas, then guide you through the entire process of preparing documentation, obtaining administrative decisions and finally – construction and commissioning.

Benefits for the investor:

  • Guaranteed additional income for 30 years
  • You earn already from signing the lease agreement
  • You are exploiting agricultural waste
Córka z tatą pole farma wiatrowa

We want to create the Energy of the Future with You.

If you are considering an investment in the area of renewable energy sources, please contact us. You will get our full support.