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energy transformation

Wind farm, solar farm, hybrid farm.

What we do

We support the development of the energy transformation in Poland by comprehensively implementing investment projects in the area of ​​renewable energy sources: photovoltaic and wind farms, energy storage, electromobility and energy efficiency. We work with companies in the field of hydrogen technologies, circular economy, industry 4.0 and smart city.

We are part of the Lafrentz Group, which designs and executes investments in the field of road infrastructure, engineering and buildings. We participate in the implementation of the largest engineering projects in Poland.

We execute projects for:

Transformation will be easier with us!

We provide a wide range of services in the field of renewable energy projects. We cooperate with local governments, entrepreneurs and land owners. We help at every stage of the investment.

As a company from the Lafrentz Group, we have the support of specialists with several decades of experience, e.g. in the field of engineering, design, environmental protection. Thanks to synergistic cooperation, we create an extremely effective project team.

We represent both Polish and foreign capital. We have been trusted by industry investors from Poland and abroad, implementing energy projects around the world.

See how we manage RES projects

Grunt inwestycyjny pod farmę fotowoltaiczną

Do you own or manage land?

Let us find its potential.

Your land can generate a regular profit for you. In order to determine whether it is suitable for an RES investment, it is necessary to perform a specialized analysis, which we will do for you without obligation and free of charge. In addition, we will support you at every stage of implementation.