National Consorium of Energy Transformation

In cooperation with Lafrentz Polska Ltd. we are the founder and leader of the National Consortium of Energy Transformation. Our partners are entities involved in the development of renewable energy projects – industry specialists, organizations and investors.

Together, we create a platform of comprehensive services to ensure security and energy independence for local governments and entrepreneurs in Poland.

We invite you to cooperate with us

Do you manage a municipality? Do you run a business? Need our support? Feel free to contact us and let’s join our forces on the way to the energy of the future.

We create strategies

Spatial development of local government units in accordance with the assumptions of the Spatial Planning Reform

Energy transformation and efficiency

Acquiring investments in the area of ​​RES (solar and wind power farms, biogas, energy storage)

Acquiring investments as part of the activation of the company (production, logistics, storage)

Circular economy

We cooperate with active financial and industry investors and organizations.

BBA Solar Poland